to face the world looking forward


avon supreme

avon believes that it’s important to give voice to all people. so, to launch the new avon supreme mascara we had three strong and awesome women by our side: the actress bruna linzmeyer, the funk singer mc carol and the transgender singer mel gonçalves. our goal with this campaign was to show that, despite all differences, they have a lot in common: they face the world looking forward, knowing what they want to find in the future.

j. walter thompson 2017
ad: isabel fontes, talita cardozo, paulo felipe
cw: julia machado, ariane polvani
cd: danilo janjacomo, renata leão


digital content:

we wanted to explore more of the concept of the campaign on our digital platforms so we asked the three of them, separately, what it meant to face the world looking forward and recorded their answer in just one take.


featured on: clube de criação