hello you!

i’m isabel, a brazilian creative art director. a lyft driver once described me gregarious and loquacious after a ten minute ride, so i guess that's pretty obvious about me.

i’m a travel addict. it only took me moving abroad on my own for the first time for me to never want to stop. i have lived in montréal, san francisco, stockholm, new york, amsterdam and now são paulo -  i'm always hoping to add new cities to that list. i enjoy changes quite a lot and learning languages comes easily to me. i’m still working on my childhood goal of being fluent in at least five different ones.

i get excited over anything that is digital. i absolutely love the idea of what technology can do for humans, especially when it comes to brands and experiences. in my head we still have time to make our use of technology for the best, nothing like black mirror would like us to believe. 

other than that when i’m not working i’m planning my next trip, attending concerts & studying astrology (and if you're into it, i'm a libra with sagittarius rising which pretty much explains a lot of what i said here). 

Heineken, Netflix, Bradesco, Avon, Bridgestone, Azmina, Outback Steakhouse,
Warner Channel, Tokio Marine. 


featured on:
invisible creatives - portfolio of the month | february 2019

cannes lions
bronze - social & influencer (bradesco: the firefly)

gold - branded content (heineken tv)
bronze - alcoholic beverage (heineken tv)

wave festival in rio
bronze - digital craft (bradesco: everybody to lollapalooza brasil)
bronze - film craft (bradesco: the firefly)