for the release of girlboss, a new netflix’s originals series, we created an online campaign to get girls to think like a real Girlboss - even if it started by their wardrobe. based on sophia amoruso real story we invited four of the most popular digital influencers in brazil, girls who have made something out of themselves and created their business online (just like sophia) to share tips on how to act like a girlboss - and how to really dress like one.

agency: mutato
art director: isaabel fontes
copywriter: ana dellabarba
creative director: paula fernandes

the video would take them to Enjoei’s website, where they would get fashion tips based on the outfits worn by sophia on the show.


i designed each patch worn by the girls on the video. every one of them was carefully thoughtout by what made them so special individually with their fanbase.


instagram stories

on the day that the show was launched, we uploaded a little quiz on our instagram stories to show people that it didn't matter which way they thought it was best to get out of a situation: as long as they did something about it, they were being real girlbosses.