avon: beauty
for a purpose

Empowering women and evolving alongside them has always been a priority to Avon for the last 130 years. With a new brand positioning, Beauty for a Purpose, we make sure to break the so-called beauty standards in every campaign that we create in hope to open a conversation about diversity and empowerment.

For the past three years Avon Brazil has been doing outstanding work inspiring other local beauty brands to follow on their footsteps. Every campaign created is carefully thoughtout as it goes beyond just selling the product - it’s also about being inclusive and making it about real people. It’s about the speech that goes behind every idea that makes these campaigns something truly special and real.

Agency: J. Walter Thompson + Mutato
Art Director: Isabel Fontes, Anelise Bôa, José Oliveira, Paulo Felipe, Talita Cardozo
Copywriter: Julia Machado, Ariane Polvani, Ana Dellabarba
Creative Directors: Danilo Janjacomo, Renata Leão 

Campaigns I worked on: Avon True Foundation, Avon Supreme Mascara, Avon Big&Style, Avon Ultramatte.


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